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It says I have an error but I can't find it
It also tells you where to find the error. In the server.log file. If you still can't find the error, stop your server, delete server.log, then start your server back up. If it still gives you the error, stop the server and then open the new server.log file and find the error. If MobArena tells you that you have an error, you have an error, so don't claim that you can't find it.
How do I edit the config-file?
Just read the instructions, watch the video, and make sure you understand how the indention works; you CANNOT use tabs in YML-files, as this will make the YML parser throw an exception (see next question). Most of the YML-related exceptions are caused by people not understanding that tabs are not valid YML. Use Notepad++ or some other proper editor to edit the config-file, and use this YML-parser to check that your file is well-formed. If you don't see any errors in the field on the right, your YML is probably good to go.
Why am I getting an error about "snakeyaml"?
The snakeyaml exception happens because you tried to load MobArena with an ill-formed config-file. Correct your mistakes (i.e. don't use tabs instead of spaces), check with the online YML-parser and try again, perhaps this time with a proper text-editor (see previous question).
How do I specify "item sub-types" like red wool or special potions?
As it says on the Setting up the config-file-page under the sub-section "Subtypes", you must always use the notation <item>:<metadata>:<amount> if you want to specify special items with metadata. Here is an example:


This denotes a single potion with the sub-type 16388. Notice the :1 at the end. Now consider this example:


This line will result in 16388 standard potions!
How do I add enchantments?
Enchantments can be added to items by appending a space, followed by a semi-colon separated list of pairs <eid>:<level>, where eid is an enchantment id, i.e.:

    <item> <eid>:<level>;<eid>:<level>;...

The <item> is any item following the normal item notation. Here is an example:

    diamond_sword 16:2;19:5

This line gives a diamond sword with sharpness (eid 16) level 2, and knockback (eid 19) level 5.

Alternatively, using class chests, you can simply enchant items before sticking them in the chests!
Is MobArena multi-world compatible?
MobArena is fully multiworld compatible. Make sure that the world-node (of the arena in the config-file, see setting up the config-file for more details) correctly shows the name of the world you are using. If you are using a special multiworld plugin, let me know so I can add it as a soft dependency to MobArena.
I set up an arena, but now I can't edit it!
You can. There is a command that turns off block protection for editing purposes, such that breaking and placing blocks is possible (/ma editarena <arena name> true). See MobArena commands for more details.
Why do the commands not work?
Because you typed them incorrectly. All MobArena commands start with /ma followed by one or more arguments. To join the arena, you type /ma join. To set the warp points, you type e.g. /ma setwarp lobby. All the commands work. If you can't get them to work, you're doing something wrong.
I want to change the arena name, but it's not working!
Make sure the name in the config.yml file is in lowercase (for example, it should be test and NOT Test). After you're sure that you've made the name lowercase, type /ma config reload to reload the plugin. It should now list your arena with the new name.
Why can only ops use my arena?
Everyone can use MobArena by default. You have a conflicting plugin, or your arena is located in the spawn region (set spawn protection to 0, or move the lobby). It could also be that your Permissions aren't set up properly.
It says I must be an op to use that command, but I am admin!
Yes, you're an "admin" (probably through some sort of Permissions-like plugin), not an op. Ops are specified in the ops.txt file in the server folder. Add your name in that file and you're good to go, or set up the Permissions properly.
I can't get the class or arena permissions to work.
The MobArena class and arena permissions default to true, meaning you shouldn't add the permissions to your permissions-file. The only reason you would be using permissions is if you want to negate them so people can't use specific classes or arenas. To negate a permission, you typically have to use a minus/hyphen (-) or a caret (^) in the beginning of the node, like this:

    - ^mobarena.classes.knight

Note that the permissions must be all lowercase. Note also, that you must stop and start your server after adding in these nodes.
I set the permissions, but they still won't work.
There are some issues with permissions plugins not properly updating negated permissions nodes. Stopping and then starting the server should put your new nodes into effect. Note that simply reloading doesn't work. You must stop and start your server.
I lost all my stored items in a reload!
Simply join the arena again, and then leave it. Your items will be restored.
I set everything up and joined the arena, but no monsters are spawning!
You have a conflicting plugin. Try disabling all other plugins first. MultiVerse is known to conflict with MobArena. A user has reported that setting MultiVerse's [mobs: false] solves this conflict. Furthermore, WorldGuard may conflict as well. A user has reported that nesting WorldGuard regions with an 'allow' region inside of a 'deny' region causes this error.
Why can't people place any blocks in the arena?
Probably because you protected the region with WorldGuard. Stop doing that, and you'll be fine.
Why are people falling through the glass roof?
If you are using the autogenerated arena, which is meant for nothing but testing purposes, it's your own fault. I encourage and expect everyone to make their own arena. If you have a problem with the autogenerated arena, too bad. Make a better one. A quick fix would be to simply make the roof thicker. Note that this is not a problem with MobArena's protection code, it's a limitation of the Minecraft client and server lag, which I have no control over.
Why do people fall into world holes when they join?
Sometimes the chunk loading on the server is too slow for the clients to pick up that they are indeed loaded, so the end result is a player stuck in a world hole / lag hole. One solution is to move the lobby warp up by 1 block. Place a block on the warp spot, then jump up on it and set the lobby warp, then remove the block.
Why do the waves continue to spawn before I am finished with the previous ones?
This is what's meant to happen. MobArena isn't meant to be a tedious, boring, drawn-out kite-fest. If you insist on the "clearance" type of playing, set clear-wave-before-next: true for your arena in the config-file.
Why can't I drop items after playing an arena session?
Because you are still technically "in" the arena. You must type /ma leave, or set spectate-after-death: false in the config-file.
OMG, people can cheat if they put their class items in chests!
Yes, and they can also burn to death or drown if you put lava or water in the lobby. Also, if you make it so people can leave the lobby, they can just join, pick a class and never leave. I'm sorry to say this, but I am never going to write a single line of code that fixes any of these "problems", when the most obvious solutions are to 1) not place any chests in the lobby (why the heck would you do that anyway?), and 2) make the lobby so you can't just walk out of it.
OMG, people can cheat if they hold an item when they die!
Nope, not since v0.94.
OMG, I get an error! Fix it!
I need a lot of information about your config-file, server setup, other plugins, etc. to be able to troubleshoot efficiently. You should ALWAYS follow the Troubleshooting-section in the main forum post before making a bug report to not waste your own and my time.
How do I add monster x to wave y?
Read the Setting up the waves section.
When will you finish v1.0?
I can't say for certain, so... ASAP.